Founder’s Heritage Site / Shishin-Kaku / Mt.Shichimen


“Gobyo-sho” : Founder’s Heritage Site / Mausoleum

Founder’s Hermitage Site
The site of the hermitage where Nichiren Shonin spent his nine years of devotion; reciting the Lotus Sutra and training his disciples.

Founder’s Mausoleum
The mausoleum encases a five-element pagoda, built upon the passing of Nichiren Shonin and a cabinet located underground to enshrine portions of his remains.

“Shishin-Kaku” : Parents’ Remembrance Hall

Even on windy or rainy days, Nichiren Shonin would climb Mt. Minobu to remember his deceased parents. This hall is located at the mountain top and alongside its precincts, bordered by a gate featuring a pair of Nio (or fearsome-faced) Guardian statues.

“Shichimenzan” : Mt. Shichimen

The mountain is a sanctuary located to the west of Mt. Minobu, topped off with Keishinin Temple, where Shichimen Daimyojin or the protective deity of the Lotus Sutra is enshrined. The photo shows its gate called “Wako Mon” (or the Gate of Harmony Light).